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Plan Your Landcaping Project

Planning Checklist

Consider your budget
Consider your style and the style of your home

Research plant material that you like:
deciduous, evergreen, broadleaf, conifer, color

Identify traffic patterns
where you need access and where you would like to
discourage foot traffic around your home

  • Identify any erosion or drainage problems
  • Consider installing an irrigation system to ensure the proper watering of your new

Plan Ahead

  • Take into consideration any future remodeling projects or additional landscape goals and incorporate their eventuality into your present plans.
  • Spring and Fall are best for planting, so remember to contact your landscaper ahead of time to design and schedule your installation during those busy times!

Landscaping Maintenance Programs

Whether installing a new landscape or renovating an existing yard, Sandscapes, Inc. can help you attain your outdoor enhancement goals. We offer design services, free estimates, installation, and a full maintenance program for both commercial and residential properties.

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